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Thursday, December 14, 2006


Rest easy and get well, Tim. The troops are rallying.

Tim Johnson has never missed an opportunity to meet and talk with his constituents. He is one of the hardest working senators, one of incredible integrity, and a man who makes "politician" an honorable and respected word.

He and his family have set standards for what it is to be an American. His current illness is not the first time they have been thrust into the public spotlight by adversity.

Barbara Johnson is a breast cancer survivor who has become an advocate for prevention and early diagnosis and has taken the message of good will, hope, and courage throughout the world. She went to China to share her experience and recovery with women in that country.

Their son was among the first airborne troops in Afghanistan when we decided to hunt down Al Qaeda.

The Johnson family has has taken leadership in the struggles that that threaten humankind and our democracy. We know Tim will put the determination and fight into his recovery that he and his family have shown in the past.

Our best thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. And our encouragement and appreciation go to his staff as they carry on the important work of Tim's office in South Dakota. In Aberdeen, they are Sharon, Katy, and Tonya. It's like neighbors helping a farmer with his harvest when he falls ill. It's how we insure that someone's work counts and is carried forward. Our honor is in our efforts to help and take up as much of Tim's burden as possible so that he can recover knowing that his work is acknowledged, appreciated, and being carried forward until he returns to lead us once again.

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