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Saturday, September 23, 2006


Hugo Chavez to be guest lecturer at John Thune School of Political Science

Hugo Chavez, whose name-calling of George W. Bush was rebuked by Charlie Rangel and Nancy Pelosi, will come to South Dakota to lecture and learn at the John Thune School of Political Science and Blogging.

[Hey, Blind Orange Julius, how many fingers do you see? ]

Chavez is particularly interested to study Thune's campaign against Tom Daschle in which his supporters pictured Daschle along side Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. "Who would I picture George Bush next to?" he wants to know. He also was interested in how to turn house ownership into a liability and how he could contrive the charge that Bush wants to give up Laura for a beauty queen. "You people have lots of moral authority I can borrow from. I'll give you heating oil in return," he promised.

Dude! You have to tell me when you find photos like this. Oh, the fun I could have had......
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