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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Democracy turns totalitarian as Snowball and Napoleon battle for control

It has been a tough week for honesty, integrity, and truth.

We often point out how the political propaganda, especially from the regressive right, matches exactly what George Orwell describes in detail in 1984. We have not paid enough attention to his other book, Animal Farm, that chronicles the sinking of an organization from incompetence to quasi-democracy to totalitarianism. We forget to remind ourselves that even in the best-working democracies, such as ours, the totalitarian impulse has possession of many people. They are not interested in freedom, equality, and justice, but in imposing their wills and their, often warped, views of the universe on the rest of us. In Animal Farm, the pigs Snowball and Napoleon engage in an intense, vicious contest to see which one imposes his brand of totalitarianism on the Animal Farm. And so it goes across America this week.

As is customary, George W. Bush led the charge by accusing the opponents of the war on Iraq on wanting to capitulate to terrorists and give Iraq and the Mideast over to Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and the Islamic terrorists, who are reenacting the struggle for power of Snowball and Napoleon in their own land.

Bush has often characterized the anti-war policy as "cut and run." He is right up to a point. Many people want to cut the incompetence that has poured $300 billion and 2,700 American lives into Iraq. And they want the war to be run consistent with workable and legitimate military and diplomatic objectives. Members of the U.S. military come down on both sides of the issue, but more and more their dissatisfaction with Bush's entire concept and conduct of the war is expressed.

The main objection to Bush's characterization, often ignored by the press, is that his "cut and run" characterization deliberately and grossly misrepresents what the opponents of the war want to happen. He simply advances a lie to slander the character and motives of his opponents. Of course, George W. cannot afford to directly address the plans advocated by the many people who see no way we can win this war without a major military assault and total occupation of the country. If he acknowledges the arguments of his opponents, he has to face the gross incompetence and the deviousness with which he got us into the war.

And so the 5-year memorial to the people who lost their lives in 9/11 was turned into a huge propaganda event that scarificed respect, truth, and integrity to the pouring of more billions into Iraq and raising the death toll of Amerians and Iraqis.

On the state front, the same kind of Soviet-like propaganda involved the DM&E Railroad. From the outset, the plans for the railroad have had objections from people along the route who do not want it running through the center of their towns. This is something the citizens of a community have the right to question and object to. But not in the minds of the henchmen of Snowball and Napoleon. The DM&E managed to suppress the objections until it hit Rochester, Minnesota, home of the Mayo Clinic. There is no secret to the objection. The people do not want "Railroad Avenue" running through the center of their town to disrupt, interfere, and create the obstacles and detractions.

The Mayo Clinic people are taking the lead in attempting to get the railroad to run around the town instead of through it. The totalitarian forces have distorted by insisting that Mayo and its supporters are trying to kill the whole railroad plan. The KGB is out in force posting this contention.

Mayo enlisted the help of Tom Daschle and Bill Janklow to work on the issue and bring it to a resolution that is favorable to Rochester. The thought police have launched campaigns of slander and character assassination against the men. If you read the blogs vilifying them--and it is not recommended that you do if you retain much hope for humanity--you will not find one word about what the real issue is and what the proposed solutions are. All you hear is that Daschle and Janklow are trying to get revenge on South Dakotans because they lost their political offices.

The week of 9/11 was intended to be a respectful memorial. Instead it produced the intention to sacrifice more of our nation to the mindless atrocities of Islamic murder squads. On the state level, it showed people using Animal Farm as a script for their totalitarian designs.

And as in that book, democracy is in jeopardy again. If you don't believe it, just read what the minions of totalitarianism are saying.

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