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Monday, April 10, 2006


South Dakota follows El Salvador's lead to the Third World

Unwanted pregnancies, how to prevent them, and how to resolve them are too important to be left to the perpetrators of HB 1215 and the scurrilous name-calling of what we so eupemistically term the "blogosphere." Like most civilized people, we do not approve of abortion or of the circumstances in which one might be contemplated. Our objection is to the criminalization of it. We have noted over the decades that the so-called Pro-Life movement is fraught with hate-sloganeering and anti-living actions.

South Dakota embraces so many Third World values that its latest foray into the realm of personal denigration and oppression does not surprise us. The New York Times Magazine has a lengthy piece that looks into what it is like to live in a nation that criminalizes abortions. It is time to move discussion of the issue from deranged bloggers and would-be oppressors to the consideration of people who can solve problems with intelligence and respect. This article is a good place to start the dialogue.

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