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Monday, March 13, 2006


The state as gulag

South Dakota's abortion ban is not the only measure that state government is using to impose a regime of repression and punishment on the people. The abortion measure even cites phony science in its statement of rationale, so it is doubtful that the ban will ever be put in force in its current language. The other measures the state is diddling with are dictates of what may be taught in sex education, what curricula are mandated--humanities are excluded to permit the introduction of pseudo-science. And state officials are It has launched an effort to get control of or eliminate public broadcasting, the one source of real information in the state. The government which is supposed to be doing the people's business is aggressively implementing ways to enslave the people and dictate the terms of their lives to them.

South Dakota is not the only state to be falling under the rule of the Taliban wing of the Republican Party, as Sen. Tim Johnson so aptly drew a parallel. Kansas tried to force science teachers to teach creationism. Currently, a law suit is being decided about the Kansas attorney general's attempts to report to authorities for criminal prosecution any minors for which "compelling evidence of sexual interaction is present." He wants to prosecute teenagers for any sexual activity. Kansas is one of 12 states for which sexual activity under a certain age is illegal.

The dream of the regressives is to turn states into prison camps for anyone who does not think or act as they do. Half of the state being ruled over as prisoners is the Great Regressive Dream.

The South Dakota abortion ban is a Trojan horse through which people who want to exercise total despotic power over other people hope to obtain that power. The question is not one of pro-choice vs. pro-life. It's one of pro-freedom vs. pro-serfdom for ordinatry citizens. It is precisely the kind of political regime against which the American Revolution was fought.

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