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Saturday, March 18, 2006


Roger Hunt's sexual phantasies about Paris Hilton

During the three weeks I was in the Quad-Cities of Illinois and Iowa, the South Dakota abortion ban received as much news play there as the performances of the U. of Illinois Fighting Illini and the U. of Iowa Hawkeyes. The attitude around the basketball teams was hopeful. The attitude surrounding South Dakota's abortion ban was puzzled.

Abortion is not high on the list of political priorities in other places. The war on Iraq tops the list of concerns. Jobs and education rank up there with the war. People acquainted with South Dakota generally reflected the attitude that South Dakota has misplaced priorities. They think that if the state was really interested in human life, it would address the problems confronting so many of its living residents who have left the birth canal.

It has occured to me multiple times that the veneration of George Bush and the obsession with abortion are old cults revived from the Dark Ages. On my drive back yesterday, I had to stop at Jefferson to refuel. As I stood by the gas pumps, I could see a spire from an attractive church in the town. When I finished fueling, I drove for a look at the church. (A scholarly interest is the role that churches played in the American frontier.) The church is St. Peter's, and it has a graveyard behind it right on the town's main street. What was disconcerting was a memorial erected in front of the church by the Knights of Columbus. It was dedicated to all those souls whose lives were taken by abortion. It was like a war memorial.

All I could think of was the Wounded Knee memorial and the response that the words "Knights of Columbus" evoke on the reservations. Abortion is a distraction from some deeper moral issues.

One of the things that spurred the Reformation was a reaction by many Christians, clergy and lay people alike, to the cult of Mariolatry. In the cult, the Virgin Mary was elevated to the position of a deity, and the cult displaced the words of Christ and his teachings. Some theologians who repudiated the cult thought it was blasphemy.

The abortion issue has resolved itself into a cult. It is the cult of Zygotolatry. People phantasize that allowing zygotes to develop into embryoes and fetuses gives such believers moral stature. Their phantasies allow them to ignore the history of death and discrimination and oppression that is a part of life for many in South Dakota. It allows them to assume virtuous postures while they push many citizens of the the state back into the feudal social and political conditions of the Dark Ages.

Is that Paris Hilton lurking in Da Vinci's "The Last Supper"?

Your last paragraph (Not the one about PHilton.) was very thought-provoking.

I hadn't thought to describe the zealot pro-lifers as a cult, but I find it very apt. Thanks for language and imagery to ponder.
Your right. The people obcessed with this really do act like a cult. When you ask them about how many unwanted kids they have adopted or what are they doing to assure all of South Dakota's children get medical care and a safe decent life and they just give you a blank stare.
Man, are you out there! With the MANY provisions provided not only by the state but, also the federal government, how can you justify the oppression of the living. Look at countries like India or other impoverished countries- there is no comparison between the US and real poverty, oppression, etc. The bodies of the living have a voice, the womb does not. PS Until I read your blog I wasn't a member of the pro-life cult but, I might join.
As is usual with people who defend this state and the pro-life stance, I cannot find any connection between what ktoddmc says and the post that elicited his/her comment. This is a symptom of insanity. But in this state, the insane can vote. They often prevail.
A part of the South Dakota mindset is to ignore the fact that the level of poverty and oppression in the state ranks with Third World countries. The people who make comments like the ones you respond cannot see the problems when they are hit in the face with them. Oppression of other people and living at the expense of the oppressed is their only goal. That South Dakota has the highest rate of poverty in the nation and the most oppressive laws is not something they can or want to grasp.
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