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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Happy anniversary to all the gullible mother-friggers out there

Today marks the third anniversary of our war on Iraq. It's like celebrating the acquisition of multiple STDs. Or the plague. Whee.

We live under a fog of pestilence, spread like mental anthrax, that insists that the war was launched on faulty intelligence that was the best we had at the time. As George W. and his Minions of Mental Giants ramped up to the war, as we like to say in Clicheland, people in fact were examining the reasons for rushing into war and pointing out the flimsiness and faultiness of the information. This was not happening just among the high-level operatives in Washington. It was being discussed on college campuses and on e-mail lists even in Aberdeen, South Dakota. But in Aberdeen, the people who questioned the information raised the hackles of the regressives and were insulted, abused, and outshouted so that the war on Iraq went forward as a great move against terrorism. Frankly, they were cowed into submission by the Bush Bullshit Devotees, who have dreams of having personal herds of submissive cows to screw over. That, by the way, is the name of the game of conservative politics today.

The war itself is a military obscenity. Our troops are among the best trained, best equipped, most efficient, and most loyal in the world. And so, we violate the most basic military principle by sending them into situations that guarantee their slaughter because they have no discernible enemy and no defense against against their amorphous foes. (As in why is our reconnaissance technology not able to pick up the activity of people planting IEDs along well-traveled roads?)

Honoring our troops does not erase the prodigious dishonor to our democracy and its creed in more than 2,20o deaths, tens of thousands of injuries to our earnest young troops and the tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians who have died and are maimed because of our ineptitude.

Ben Franklin satirized precisely what we are doing in Iraq when he made fun of the British during the American Revolution for paying for Hessian soldiers to do the fighting for a cause that ultimately could only kill them.

The Islamic terrorists are among the deadliest enemy unleashed on the world. They are beyond the reach of the facts of history, the principles of good will and peace, the respect for human life, and the words of reason. They are automatons programmed from birth by a mind-control indoctrination that bears the name of a world religion to carry out acts of genocidal atrocity that make Hitler's Nazis look like flying nuns.

The acts committed on 9/11 are the acts of abject fools obeying the designs of evil perpetrated by demented old men who dream of subjecting the earth to their will. With the war on Iraq, we did exactly what the puppeteers of the suicidal-terrorists wanted us to do. We went to Iraq in a fury of vengeance and fright and allowed ourselves to be pushed into acts of degradation and depravity and moral humiliation.

Happy anniversary, suckers. May you live to see another one.

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