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Thursday, February 09, 2006


South Dakota Right-To-Life changes name to Embryos Unlimited

South Dakota Right-To-Life has entered an agreement with the Sportsmen for Deadly Force coalition to cooperate should the state legislature adopt a statute permitting unlimited deadly force, preferably with firearms, to anyone with a pretext for defending their person, home, family, or anything else they choose. Modeling itself after Ducks Unlimited and Pheasants Forever, the organization has joined with the Deadly Force group to insure the supply of game so that more Deadly Force Sportsmen can have the ultimate big game experience. It is registering under the name Embryos Unlimited. The Deadly Force spokesman, above, said that it is murder to take a life until they are encroaching on your property. "Once they reach game size and encroach on your property or threaten you, you can blast the holy, living hell out of them."

The legislature is working on a bill to charge the Dept. of Game, Fish, Parks, and Sports Shooting to come up with rules regarding age, size, and bag limits for the game.

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