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Monday, December 19, 2005


Big Brother Bush strikes another blow against democracy

In a press conference today, Ge0rge W. Bush defended the secret spying on American citizens by their own government. In fact, he assailed those who revealed the secret spying as doing a disservice to their country.

Read that again. Those people who revealed that the Bill of Rights was being violated against some people by presidential order were said by the president to be doing a disservice against their country.

There is one book we know George W. must have read or Laura must have read to him: Orwell's 1984. He has faithfully followed almost every feature of Oceania and applied it to America. He manipulated the country into war by the artful use of misinformation. He claims that the entire country and its allies were operating on the same information, but last week it was revealed that he and his closest henchmen saw much more detailed and critical information. Whoever released that information must be a real enemy of the country.

But now he openly admits that he ordered the secret spying on American citizens. This fits in with his defense of detentions, secret prisons, and torture.

The person who revealed the secret spying did a disservice to America? Only if America is Oceania. In the America we had before George W. Bush, such tactics were considered odious and impossible in our country. They are violation of the most basic civil rights .

Read a full account of the Bush press conference by clicking the headline above this post.

Do we really have to move to Canada to get out of Oceania? Will America ever be America again? It might prove fatal to wait around and find out.

We no longer live in a's officially turned to a dictatorship complete with brainwashing. People should be afraid.
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