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Friday, November 18, 2005


Today's Two Minutes of Hate* (Or, they have orgasms, don't they?)

Today's Two Minutes of Hate
features U.S Rep. John Murtha
and Michael Moore. Using the technique of singling out individuals who have spoken out against the Bush policies and actions for special vilification, Scott McClellan, an administration press officer responded to Rep. Murtha's call for troop withdrawals from Iraq with the following statement:

"Congressman Murtha is a respected veteran and politician who has a record of supporting a strong America. So it is baffling that he is endorsing the policy positions of Michael Moore and the extreme liberal wing of the Democratic party."

The technique works this way: First, one must assemble all manner of derogatory and inflammatory material that will get the ultra-regressives into a froth and frenzy. Then you get Rush Limbaugh to read it with his playground-bully guffaws and make sure the person selected gets the full treatment of regressive ire. After "Fahrenheit 911," the ministry of propaganda put Michael Moore up on a daily basis for its hate sessions to make sure that the regressives were conditioned into identifying the right stimulus for the hate response. They would not want Moore to be confused with W, of course. Not much chance, but you never know with regressives. Once they have firmly established in the brain circuitry of the regressives who is to be hated, then they can use the process of association. Anyone shown next to Moore will be also vilified.

So that is what Scott McClellan was up to yesterday when he made the statement that Murtha has adopted the policies of Michael Moore. The fact that the statement is trying to establish an association between the two men through which the guilt the regressives heap upon Moore can be transferred to Rep. Murtha. It is, of course, an incredibly stupid and cheap propaganda ploy, but in the hands of the Limbaughs and Robertsons, it can work their followers up into a frenzy of orgasmic proportions. After all, it is the only pleasure they have in life, other than hating liberalism in general and thinking they have the power to make a few more soldiers in Iraq die each day.

*Two Minutes of Hate was the daily session described by George Orwell in 1984. Citizens were required to gather in front of television sets each day for two minutes while the Party led them in hate sessions against their war-enemy and any internal citizens against which the Party wanted to inspire hate for political purposes of eliminating dissent and control the minds of the citizens.

Excellent analysis. Thanks.
This is what gets to me. All this hatred the conservative christian right has for liberalism. How can one follow God's teachings and yet spew hate....or send soldiers off to conquer a nation to die for that matter.
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