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Monday, November 28, 2005


The dominance of stupid

It has become a rule of conservative political correctness not to notice when some people demonstrate the fact that they obviously are not well-endowed with brain cells. While they are lavish in their insult and abuse of others, they take violent umbrage when one suggest that one of their number thinks the way he or she does because of insufficient thinking apparatus.

While traveling with a teen-ager over the Thanksgiving holiday and staying at hotels with HBO, we noticed that comedians are focusing on stupidity. George Carlin has noted that in contemporary culture, stupidity is a way of life on which the malling of America seems to be based. The stupid fill themselves with bad food that turns their bodies into ugly lumps as they go around buying useless junk that they cannot afford and for which they have no use. Mencia also does a consistent bit about stupid people seeking each other out so that they can breed and propagate their kind.

We share their alarm. Late at night while dialing through that jungle called talk radio, we heard a host soliciting calls against what he conceives as the liberal agenda. He was talking about the burgeoning deficit and the trade deficit that threatens our economic survival, and he had the cause of it:

It is all the government-run schools and education programs that are undermining our country, he said.

Don't ask us what cause-and-effect factors he was working with. He didn't explain. And we shut off the radio in a hurry. Whatever he had, like the avian flu, might jump species.

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