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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Behind the Democrat decision to put the Senate into secret session

When the Democratic leader Harry Reid moved that the Senate adjourn into secret session, the immediate response from Majority Leader Bill Frist is that it was a stunt.

You don't have to be very astute to know that the pressures on the Democrats to do something about the war on Iraq are immense. This was no mere power stunt. Progressives, including some Republicans, have been saying that if the Democrats, many of whom voted authorization for the war, cannot force the administration to make a full public disclosure on the intelligence and how it was used to get us into that war, they will have to answer to their constituents as the 2006 election comes around. A majority of Americans now think the war is a mistake.

Anyone who has participated in the exchanges on the war among Democratic politicians can tell you that they were angry and the electorate is tired of getting jerked around by the Bush administration while Democrats have stood by and let it happen.

The nomination of Samuel Alito and other initiatives taken by Bush this week have been recognized as attempts to misdirect attention away from the administration's failures and deceptions through forcing a fight between Republicans and Democrats over the Supreme Court. This web log, and others, warned against that happening yesterday. Yes, we need to fill the Supreme Court vacancy and, yes, we need to prepare for the possible mutation of avian flu, but we had better not take attention from Iraq, the hurricane devastation, and the seething mass of corruption bubbling up in the halls of Congress.

Once and for all, the question about invading Iraq and losing more than 2,000 of our troops in the process needs answers.

Democratic leaders cannot afford to make nice any longer. Their constituents are demanding an accounting and if the Democrats do not deliver it, the voters will seek out people who can and will. The Libby indictment did not answer the question of whether someone in the White House leaked the information that exposure Valerie Plame. Now the Senate can take on the task, among many other matters of restoring the country to integrity and security.

Finally, the demcrats are getting some "balls"
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And, a master who is all stunt and no substance..John jumped on the Frisk "Democratic Stunt" talking point like he had just found candy for the first time.

Thin-skinned Friskenstein took Reid's rule 21 move as a personal insult. Oh dear me. This is the same Majority leader who came to South Dakota to attack the minority leader Tom Daschle. Frisk deserves a personal insult every day. Democrats should have a couple of staff people working on the project full-time.

Republican leadership who see nothing wrong with minimum wage earners living in economic hell deserve to live in daily political hell.

Damn, I just hate to load a post with such religious overtones....but it is obviously with good intent.
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