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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


The Sanctity of Marriage Handbook

by Bryan Harris

gives some insights into those paragons of virtue whose party exercises the moral leadership today:

*Newt Gingrich: served his wife with divorce papers while she was incapacitated by cancer and receiving treatment in a hospital room. He is currently enjoying the sanctity of his third marriage.

*Representative Bob Barr, author of the Defense of Marriage Act: before the age of fifty, Representative Barr had three marriages under his belt. The old Beltway joke goes, "Exactly which marriage is Bob Barr defending?"

*Rush Limbaugh: between Rush and his current wife, Marta, there are six marriages and four divorces. Rush is currently in the process of divorcing Marta.

*Rep. Dan Burton: Republican congressman who called Clinton a "scumbag" and who runs his campaigns on family values. Burton fathered a son out of wedlock.

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