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Friday, October 14, 2005


Race and class re-emerge as major political issues, as Bush approval plummets among blacks

Thke NBC/Wall Street Journal poll on the president showed that his approval among African Americans has fallen to 2 percent, a number so low that it caused even the poll-takers to wonder about its accuracy. The overall approval rating in that poll was 39 percent.

However, the Pew Research Center poll released today showed that his approval rating among African Americans was 12 percent, down 2 percent from the Center's last measure.

Analysts commenting on the polls agree that the effects that President Bush gained from 9/11 and his leadership pose on the war on Iraq are crumbling and people are generally realigning themselves with the more traditional positions represented by the two major parties. A happy face has been put on questions of race, but the war on Iraq and the hurricanes have shown it to be a false face.

With Congress quickly acting against the poor and the elderly in looking for ways to pay for Katrina and the war on Iraq, race and class have been thrust into the forefront as the most prominent political issues.

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