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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Erin from Iowa rips MetaBank a new one or two. And there is more.

If you want to get some information on the scams perpetrated against consumers, read Erin's comment to this post. There are a lot of crooks out there. Read how they work.

Analogies of anality abound among the blogs today. So, we'll chime in. In her comments to our post noting an agreement between the Attorney General's office and MetBank regarding some consumers whose wazoos are smarting from the Dan Nelson Auto deals, Erin lays out some facts about what the agreements really mean for the consumers involved.

Erin encounters a lot of assholes in her analysis of the situation, and she rips a few new ones. You want to know something more about how business is done in these parts? Please read Erin's comments to our post from yesterday on MetaBank.

I spend an average of 12-15 hours a day, as a private consumer advocate, acting on requests from Iowa and South Dakota consumers, who don't have anyone else to turn to. Many of these people have limited income and education, and until now, have accepted a dismal future of collections, repossessions, overdrafts, garnishments, pay day loans, high interest rates and anything else our society of "Legal Robbery" has to throw at them.

Many of these consumer issues have been related to DNA/SDAC/CNAC/Metabank, but have spilled over into other just as corrupt entities.

I have had to call the following car dealerships on the carpet recently, in regard to repossessions I felt were not warranted, racial targeting of Native Americans, predatory lending and/or fraudulent contracts, just to name a few: Wheel City Sioux Falls, Jacob's Motors Rapid City and Rimrock Pontiac, Cadillac, GMC, Billings Montana. I have received tremendous support in my efforts from the South Dakota AG, as well as the DMV in both South Dakota and Montana. What is most offensive to me is the huge effort on the part of some of these car dealers to prevent consumers from ever getting credit approval, by putting these questionable "repossessions" or "charge offs", on young kids, just out of high school who are buying their first car. These kids take their hard earned money into one of these slimey operations in good faith, make their payments, the car dies, and has to be towed into the dealership. A deal is made to return the car, the unsuspecting kid signs some papers, and then finds out he has a "voluntary repossession" on his credit bureau for 7 or more years. A voluntary repossession is no different than an involuntary repossession, and is used as a form of retribution, for not "paying on time", or for asking the dealership to take back their piece of crap car. The dealer's attitude in some of these cases, is that these late paying or demanding customers deserve to be turned down for future credit.

Not to be outdone, are the car dealers who direct mail Native Americans, who are sold vehicles sight unseen, sign blank credit applications and retail installment agreements when the vehicle is delivered to them. The dealer fills in the blanks to make the deal work. Nice.....

All of the car dealers who have been called on the carpet, have responded favorably for the most part, to my requests to correctly report to the credit bureaus,, stop racial targeting of Native Americans, remove unwarranted repossessions, and unwind bad deals that included submitting fraudulent loan documents to the finance companies. Some of these dealerships, as well as others who remain noncompliant could still be facing charges from law enforcement.

Did anyone realize that Avera McKennan Hospital owns it's own private collection agency? That's right, if the billing department runs into problems with former patients who can't pay, they simply turn over the accounts to Accounts Management Inc. and Robert R. Nelson, Attorney at Law, who are both bought and paid for by Avera Mckennan. Some of the "working poor", who have health insurance, but have had a catastrophic medical event are being garnished $400 a month for medical bills. Accounts Management Inc. joins Hauge Associates and other collection agencies, in their own brand of Legal Robbery.

Back to Metabank, Mastermind behind South Dakota's Biggest Legal Robbery to Date!(nearly $40 million dollars) That's nearly equal to their net worth of $43 million. They are an equal opportunity thief..... consumers, employees, other banks, their own shareholders, corporations, nobody's safe from Metabank or The Used Car Mafia, it's Partner in Crime.
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