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Friday, September 09, 2005


Big Brother Bush goes global with a Big Sister

Do you feel safer now than you did four years ago?

The propaganda techniques that George Bush borrowed from George Orwell's Oceania to contrive a war and then offer to protect people from aggressions against them have stopped working. So now he promotes one of his chief disinformation and coercion advisers, Karen Hughes, to Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy. We kid you not. Folks in the administration think it is about time to address the flagging reputation of the U.S. among the international communities.

What the hell is he going to do? Spread an avian flu epidemic and claim he is the only person who can keep the world safe from it?

He is already keeping us safe from photographs and news reports of the incompetence and failures in the Katrina aftermath. He has banned coverage. Even CNN which, during much of the Bush administration, flopped on its back like a Berlin street whore when the Hersey Bar truck rolled by, is challenging the order to prevent news coverage of the Katrina aftermath by filing a law suit.

Well, Big Sister is on the job, and we can be sure she'll think of something to whip the world into line. The insurgents in Iraq had better keep a tight clutch on their Korans and testicles.

That ought to make us feel really safe.

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