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Thursday, August 04, 2005


Robert Novak exposes the huge Hildebrand conspiracy

Robert Novak, who has been a self-appointed ministry of propaganda and petty vindictiveness for the right wing conspirators, walked off the CNN set today after getting a rib from the Ragin' Cajun. Here is a lengthy thread from the TPM Cafe, if you want to chortle and wheeze a while.

But today the South Dakota blogscape had its own parade of moonbats circling in the air. Suddenly the people who exposed John Thune's connection to the Dan Nelson Auto company, which is going bankrupt at the same time it is under investigation for fradulent business practices after the bank on which Thune sat on the board of directors lent the company millions of dollars, have been split by a rift. The apparent tipster to the liberal blogs is suddenly accusing them of an orchestrated hate campaign against Thune under the direction and subterfuge of Steve Hildebrand, former Daschle campaign manager. You have to float around the blogs of SD Watch and Mount Blogmore to get the full incoherence on this one. Suddenly, the informer took up the rhetoric and accusations of the moonbat duo (the two most vocal wingnut blogs), which howls at the moon daily come rain or sunshine.

And one of the Sisters of Unmerciful Twitdom accused Democrats of mounting a Stalinist pogrom that includes abuse and violence. And people have jammed our e-mail about all these events. There is clearly something dangerous and mad-inducing in the air.

When the fuehrer, Robert Novak, goes mad, so do his novitiates.

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