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Sunday, August 14, 2005


Is dropping out the way to become inconsequential?

We recently noted and sort of admitted to an inclination to drop out of the current political morass [No, Siblings, this is not the name of an exotic dancer.] rather than participate in its indignities. A loyal reader forwarded us a post from TPM Cafe and suggested we see if we can insert it into our morass.

NickDoe asks, "Are Some Voters Irrelevant and Proud of It?"

He writes:

By declaring their unwillingness to compromise and moderate some clearly unpopular views, they basically state they’ll only vote for candidates certain to lose. What politician will even bother with even a token gesture to court that vote? That makes their political relevancy zero. Nothing could be worse.

NickDoe makes a good point. We'll ponder it while we try to remove our head from the morass.

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