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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


The blogs are missing the story; so is the media

Moline, Ill.--The Northern Valley Beacon went after John Thune before he was elected to the Senate. We have been excoriated, principally by Thune's nasty little suck-buddies, for the harsh language we used in condemning John Thune. However, our words were chosen with deliberation and care. We do not approve of John Thune. We do not think he is capable of representing the democratic values that are the essence of our country. We opposed John Thune, on one hand, because he accrued a record of negligence and incompetence in the House. We condemn John Thune because he is a malicious liar.

His campaign against Tom Daschle was one of vicious and mendacious character assassination. Ads which compared Tom Daschle with Osama bid Laden and Saddam Hussein and which alleged his devotion to interests other than South Dakota, and the multitude of other petty and nasty accusations were not signed by John Thune. We found in the closing days of the campaign, however, strong evidence that the Thune camp was full participants in devising and orchestrating these ads. Finally, Thune did sign his name to an ad that charged Daschle with dumping his first wife for his present spouse, Linda, a beauty queen. This was all done at the instigation of those who do Thune's thinking for him, put his words in his mouth, and coach him on how to conduct himself. We despise John Thune because he has never shown one shred of personal integrity or honesty.

In the closing days of the campaign and the weeks that followed the election, we found mounting pieces of evidence of a man who posed as virtuous but was a treacherous bag of sleaze in reality. We knew of his connections with MetaBank as well as strange circumstances concerning his activities as a lobbiest. The evidence is that Thune acted on the board of MetaBank just as he did in the House and during his campaign. In exchange for being promoted as a "political star," he was selling out and giving himself over to those who created and controlled him--a group of Republican insiders allied with Karl Rove, who employ Rove's values and tactics, and who have absolutely no interest in America as a democracy. They envision America as a place that holds the people in despotic thralldom. John Thune is their agent. He has sold himself out. He is selling South Dakota out. That is the story the blogs are missing. Instead of pursuing the evidence and the narrative of what John Thune has done, they are allowing themselves to be distracted by the blogs that John Thune bought and paid for.

Increasingly, the political story is the pissing duels among the blogs. The left wing blogs did break an important story on Thune's connection with the economically and morally bankrkupt Dan Nelson Auto and MetaBank. Instead of pursuing the evidence of Dan Nelson's corrupt business practices--the many consumer complaints lodged against him--the blogs have had their attention diverted by counter accusations of the right wing blogs. From a journalistic standpoint, the Orwellian propaganda ploys of the right wing and its bloggers are a big part of the story of how John Thune and his controllers operate.

The real story will probably not be told in the blogs. Nor will the wimpy and self-serving South Dakota press ever develop the story. The national press is beginning to examine this story with real journalists looking at the total picture and the real facts. The big story is still to come.

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